XeroCon Photo Bingo

Here at CloudCounting we like to have a bit of fun … and over the years we have played a game called Xero Bingo.

It all started with this photo a few years ago … a certain team member of ours (who will not be named) has had a crush on an unamed ex MD of Xero … so I couldn’t help but taunt her when I found him at the bar.



So last night at the XeroCon 2017 block party … the game began.  First up Ryan.


Then Sharon, who is an Napier Girls school Old Girl, found Rod, an ex Napier Old Boy.  The text read “I’ll meet your Ryan and raise you a Rod”


Well Chantal, who can’t stand to be beaten, said “Game On“.  And off she went and found Joel and Trent.

photo4 photo3

Great conference Xero as always.  Thanks for the week away and the team building opportunity.

The stakes are high for XeroCon 2018 in Brisbane!


The Team from CloudCounting