Xero HealthKit Sync – How does this work?

The HealthKit / Xero sync is very impressive.

HealthKit is a front end solution used by Allied Health professionals such as psychologists and occupational therapists.  It is a no cost solution where the fees are paid when auto payments are set up within the app.

It is possible to sync Xero with HealthKit, following are some considerations.

  1. It is not possible to batch invoices on a daily or payment method basis to Xero.
  2. Invoices are synced in detail, and can be sent over with a payment or without a payment.
  3. It is possible to sync historical data from HK to Xero.
  4. You can hide patient names in Xero for confidentiality.
  5. You can sync invoices over to Xero as paid or unpaid.
  6. If you decide to sync payments, and wish to link each payment method to a clearing account it is not possible to pick an account in HK from Xero that is not a bank account (i.e. a Xero account that has been set up with enable payments is not able to be chosen).  We have implemented a work around for this which is discussed in more detail later in this article.
  7. You can choose an option to only sync invoices with a payment, therefore leaving the debtor balance in HK and using a manual journal in Xero to agree your month end debtors.
  8. You have the option to link different service types to individual revenue accounts in Xero.

CloudCounting are tax agents and experts in integrating HealthKit with Xero and we are Allied Health specialists.  Please call us today on 0426625683 or book here to schedule a Zoom session with us to assist you in setting up your integration and processing your transactions in Xero.