Shopify and Xero – Detailed or Summary Sync?

One of the questions we frequently get from eCommerce clients and bookkeepers is do we need to send over detailed invoice information from Shopify to Xero?  There is no one right answer to this question – it really depends on the size and needs of your eCommerce Business:

Send Invoice Detail from Shopify to Xero

  • Works well when your eCommerce business has less than 50 invoices / orders per day.
  • Consider using the Shopify / Xero Bold Connector app.
  • Essential if you are selling on trade terms and need to track your debtor details in Xero.
  • Helpful if you are using Xero data to do business analytics
  • If you are using an inventory add in, you may prefer to set your sync between this add on in Xero, so your eCommerce business can capture all shopping channels (this is called omni channel).

Send Batch Detail from Shopify to Xero

  • Advisable if you have more than 50 invoices / orders per day as Xero may become slower due to the volume of data.  The soft limit for Xero is 1,000 transactions per month.
  • Advisable if you are using Shopify as your front end to do business analytics – there is no reason to have the detail in both systems
  • Much more efficient to do your bank deposit matching
  • We recommend you take a look at the A2X add on connector as it is the only one that will send summarized batched information by payment method.