Neto / Xero Sync Issues – Chat with Neto

Recently we had a chance to catch up with the Neto Head of Accounting Integrations to demonstrate some issue in relation to the Xero / Neto Sync.  Following are the questions and answers from our session.  Please note the date of this chat was April 2019.

Q In my view both the detail sync and batch sync don’t work in Xero. I showed Julian how much work is still required if the detail comes over to Xero and I also showed him how useless the batch sync is when it comes over as one customer name and multiple payments applied with no detail as to the payment type.

A Neto is looking for other add on solutions to provide a better connection. It is not a priority to fix the current native integration. They have currently partnered with One Saas (which hasn’t yet solved these problems) and are open to working with other add on integrators. I’ve suggested they contact A2X which does a brilliant Amazon and Shopify accounting integration.

I’ve also let them know it would be so helpful to sync paid invoices over as batched and unpaid invoices over in detail. Again, they are looking to other add ons to provide this functionality.

Q Inventory report has no ageing date which renders it useless unless you remember to print the report each day or at month end

A They are aware of this issue and are working hard to fix this so we have an ageing date

Q There is no ability to lock periods, which means that after data syncs to Xero users can change sales/payments/ introduce retrospective dates

A They are willing to consider introducing a soft lock or at least a warning to caution the user they may be using a date in error

Q The aged debtors report in Neto includes non dispatched inventory whereas the sales summary report includes dispatched only. This makes the receivables report, if matching it to Xero, unreliable and potentially overstates income

A They were not aware of this and will take a look to see if they can introduce a filter to only include dispatched inventory in the receivables report

Q If the sales task is turned to no schedule, the COGS task will not work. One is dependent on the other. Because of all of the problems listed in the first Question, many of my clients wish to automate the cost of goods sold sync but turn off the sales sync.

A One task is currently dependent on the other. There are no plans to change this. Sales must be synced for the cost of sales to be synced.