Neto releases Amazon integration – read more here!

Yesterday Neto hosted a training day for ecommerce consultants to learn more about their Amazon integration.  It was a great day and we learned so much about the challenge of designing an integration for one of the biggest shopping channels on earth!

Neto is a one stop shop for ecommerce retailers and wholesalers.  You can plug and play multiple shopping channels, a POS system (on ipad or mobile device) for a brick and mortar store, and manage your inventory all in one solution.

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Neto’s CEO shared all sorts of statistics with us from their 2017 year in review report (email us if you want a copy) – the biggest takeaway is that Amazon Australia is here to stay and consumers have already indicated their preference to move to Amazon for their online shopping needs in the future.  The prediction is that Amazon will be the number one marketplace in Australia in the space of a few years.  Neto encourages you as an ecommerce provider to set up on Amazon as early as possible to enjoy the ‘first mover advantage’ – Amazon relies very heavily on consumer reviews and the earlier you set up your products in this marketplace, the bigger advantage you will have over your competitors.

Neto is the first Australian ecommerce provider to set up integration with Amazon.  They have just over 100 customers who have set up the Amazon integration already – and Amazon Australia has opened their online door only a week ago.  The first step is to set yourself up as an Amazon approved seller by registering with Amazon Australia and setting up your products for sale in their console.

Once this has been done, you can link the Amazon setup with your Neto system and mark each Neto item as approved to sell in Amazon.  Neto will overwrite the opening quantity in Amazon with your actual available stock and there are further settings in Neto to limit the number of stock Amazon will show as available.

Sound easy?  Well, not really.  Neto spent a lot of time showing us how time consuming the set up of each product in Amazon can be.  Amazon has some really strict rules when it comes to listing the product.  The most onerous of which is the product image criteria.  It seemed to us that it would take on average 5 to 10 minutes to list each product, and that is assuming you have an Amazon compliant product photo.  It you have hundreds, or thousands of products to list, then you may wish to consider engaging the services of an experienced Amazon consultant to assist you with the data entry required.

In addition, if you are selling a product that is identical to that of your competitors, you must list it with a product number that is Amazon approved.  You have a number of different ways to define that product by various registration systems.  Once that product is defined, if there are other competitors selling the same product, you will all compete to win placement in Amazon’s ‘buy box’.  The buy box is the most prominent listing in Amazon and a very complicated and secret algorithm is used to win this prominent ranking, including price, consumer reviews, free shipping, etc…  There are no end of blogs on how to win the buy box that you should have a read of, including this one.

In the future, Amazon will be releasing FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) which is a centralized Australian warehousing system.  You ship your product to Amazon, and they will ship your product using the FBA method.

Neto plans to further build out the Amazon integration with all sorts of additional functionality, and their first priority is to allow Neto users to add their product in Neto and sync over to Amazon.

As a side note, we also got to have a good chat with Neto about the Xero integration and improvements needed to the sync to increase automation and reduce manual handling.  Thanks to Neto for arranging a time for us to have this chat.

Please give us a call at CloudCounting to have a chat about your ecommerce business and your plans to launch with Amazon.  We are an accounting firm who speak ecommerce.