How to Map Shopify Payment Gateways to Trade Gecko

Recently we had a bit of trouble working out how to map various payment gateways from Shopify to Trade Gecko.  The main ones – Shopify payments powered by Stripe, and PayPal mapped automatically but we were having trouble with an eBay plugin to Shopify which accepted PayPal as payment.

So, in summary we had three payment methods that Shopify would accept:

  1. Shopify payments (powered by Stripe)
  2. PayPal
  3. eBay (paid by PayPal)

Trade Gecko looks to the name that Shopify uses as the payment method, and if it can make a correct match based on custom payment methods you set up in Shopify, it will assign that payment method.

To Fix:

Step 1 – Figure out what payment methods Shopify accepts by running a report – go to Analytics | Reports | Finances | Finances Summary.

Step 2 – Figure out what payment methods Trade Gecko has set up by going to My Apps | Xero | Payment Methods

Step 3 – If Shopify has extra payment methods listed set these up in Trade Gecko by clicking on ‘add a payment method’ and type in the name of the payment to exactly match the way that it is listed in Shopify.  Save Changes.

Step 4 – If you need help mapping your payment methods to Xero, please get in touch and we can assist you with this set up.

Once this has been done, the payments should be sent to Xero to the desired bank or payment accounts, to allow you to match.

Good luck!