To GST or not to GST

Do you have questions on what attracts GST and what does not? Every BAS quarter, we do a thorough review of our clients’ bookkeeping entries, to ensure we have accurately claimed GST correctly on all revenue and expenses.  With laws changing frequently and in particular the introduction of the “Netflix” tax, it can be confusing […]

RUN don’t walk to Xero. The Why and the How …

You are a long time MYOB user.  You loyally upgraded to MYOB AccountRight Live and patiently put up with the bugs, time delays and drop outs associated with the cloud based version. You have heard from your business colleagues about this cool new kid in town called Xero (pronounced Zero).  You are not sure why it is […]

Xero: A Rookie’s Perspective

Xero: A Rookie’s Perspective The world of bookkeeping is new to me; as an accounting graduate with all theoretical and until recently, no practical experience, the worlds of MYOB and Xero have been non-existent.  They’ve been thrust onto me in my new role as a graduate accountant. Two months ago, my boss and mentor told […]