Xero and Add On Solutions | The Xero ecosystem | What we use at CloudCounting

We use a suite of add on solutions here at CloudCounting that makes our business life so much easier.

In this post, we would like to share with you our favourite Xero Add On Solutions and the cost for each solution.

All of these solutions are totally cloud based.  Each has an internet site and we have all five bookmarked in our internet browser.  Think of Xero as the ‘smart phone’ and each add on solution as an ‘app’ that can be customized to each particular business.

1.  Accounting system – we use Xero – bank feeds are enabled and we use lots of other in built tools such as the report writer, bank feeds, and auto super (the most common plan is $50/month)

2.  Document storageReceipt Bank.  It is so simple to forward all business related documents to Receipt Bank from our phone or computer.  The documents are then pre-coded and published directly into Xero.  Now, all of our financial and business transactions are supported by paperwork that can be easily found.  We are a totally paperless office. (with Receipt Bank you pay for what you use, there is no ‘plan’ that you sign up to.  The most common plan is $55 per month)

3.  Task and Client ManagementXero Practice Studio.  This software integrates directly with Xero and keeps track of all outstanding work we have on.  We are able to track our time here and also forward in any emails and documents that are relevant to our tasks.  We also create invoices in this practice management cloud software and publish into Xero.  In addition we use Xero Practice Manager to prepare and lodge all tax related compliance documents. (The most common plan is $110 per month – free for Xero Silver Partners and above)

4.  SchedulingTimely.   Clients are able to make, change and cancel their own appointments without having to consult with a staff member.  This product has easily saved us over two hours a week and clients love the ease of making their own decisions about when to schedule an appointment.  Timely also sends emails and text messages to our clients to remind them of appointments, freeing up even more valuable time. (Timely starts at $19 per month plus $9 for each additional staff member)

5.  Client AuthorizationAdobe Document Cloud.  We use this cloud based e-sign service to obtain signatures from our clients for all sorts of documents.  Clients receive an email advising a signature is needed and can click on a hyperlink to type their name into the approval area. (Adobe Document Cloud costs $15 per month)

There you have it! These five solutions have made our work processes so much easier.  The total cost for all solutions based on the most common plan is less than $250 per month and free up countless chargeable hours for our staff.

Of course the best set of add on solutions may be different for your business – that is the unique advantage the Xero Eco System can give you over other accounting platforms.

We would love to have a chat with you about the best fit for your business.  Give us a call at CloudCounting on 04 266 CLOUD or book us for an appointment.