Nookal / Xero Sync is Perfect!

Recently we have worked with a local physio who is using an add on solution called Nookal.  Nookal is a practice management software tool, 100% cloud based for health and wellness practitioners.  It can manage multi location and works seamlessly with Hicaps.

Our physio had turned on the detail invoice and payment sync.  This means every day, Nookal has synced over every single invoice, paid and unpaid.  Our (new) clients (old) accountant taught my client to put all bank deposits in a sales clearing account.  The accountant then closed all payments synced over from Nookal to the same clearing account, and any difference was dealt with by manual journal to clear out to a slush account.  My client was not comfortable with this approach, and came to chat with us about how we might improve the Nookal / Xero reporting.

Well, turns out that Nookal is the first add on solution we have come across that truly understands how the Xero sync should work.  It batches by payment method, daily, to a unique customer name – i.e. Nookal Sync – health fund.  Hallelujah!! Pay attention – other add on solutions – and give Nookal a call because ALL add ons should be syncing this way.

So, we have done a remove and redo on all sales clearing accounts from 1 July of this year.  We are using our trusty autobot invoice delete tool, we have re-synced from Nookal using the batch by payment method, and we now have a sea of green bank feeds to reconcile.

If you suspect that your Xero/Add On sync is not working as it should, please give us a call.  We have worked miracles for client after client to fix and improve the sync between Xero and the associated front end add on solution.