100% Blue or Proudly Purple | #MYOBPC versus #XeroCon

Well, that’s another accounting software conference season done and dusted.  We had such a great time attending both #XeroCon and #MYOBPC.  The conferences were completely different, and therefore difficult to compare, but we certainly formed some observations and would like to share them with you here … (and by the way – there are no […]

#XeroCon | Ready for a few accounting jokes?

When we think about a ‘traditional’ accountant, certain personality characteristics come to mind.  There is no question that in the past, accountants have been characterized in certain ways.  I think this has been reinforced by the way accountants in particular have reacted to the Xero phenomenon, versus the other participant groups attending #XeroCon – the […]

#XeroCon 2016 The Gala Dinner

Well once a year (sad, I know) our team of super hero multi-tasking mothers get gussied up and attend the most amazing show on earth – The XeroCon Gala Dinner! We have put together a short video of our time this year.  Unfortunately, my poor iphone died early in the night, but rest assured there […]