How to add lump sum amounts in Xero PAYG summaries

If you need to enter a lump sum into a Xero PAYG summary, read on for instructions here … From time to time you will need to report a lump sum in a Xero payment summary.  Most commonly this will be because you have processed a genuine redundancy for an ex employee.  For more information […]

Accountant or Bookkeeper – You Decide …

What a week!  So many social media posts, blogs and articles about the relationship between bookkeepers and accountants.  Which begs the question – what is the difference anyway? And that, in my mind, is part of the problem at the moment.  Many bookkeepers are qualified accountants, and many accountants are providing bookkeeping services.  This blurs […]

Brisbane’s Coolest Xero Bookkeepers …

We get weekly enquiries here at CloudCounting from clients who would like us to help them with their bookkeeping.   Our focus here at CloudCounting is to teach small business owners how to bookkeep in their own business, and to provide accountancy services, so when a client wants to outsource their bookkeeping and we do not […]

100% Blue or Proudly Purple | #MYOBPC versus #XeroCon

Well, that’s another accounting software conference season done and dusted.  We had such a great time attending both #XeroCon and #MYOBPC.  The conferences were completely different, and therefore difficult to compare, but we certainly formed some observations and would like to share them with you here … (and by the way – there are no […]

#XeroCon | Ready for a few accounting jokes?

When we think about a ‘traditional’ accountant, certain personality characteristics come to mind.  There is no question that in the past, accountants have been characterized in certain ways.  I think this has been reinforced by the way accountants in particular have reacted to the Xero phenomenon, versus the other participant groups attending #XeroCon – the […]