Retail Global – eCommerce Conference – Our Wrap Up

Last week we attended Retail Global – one of the largest eCommerce conferences on The Gold Coast.  Why does an accountant attend an eCommerce conference?  It is because we think it is crucial to learn all about the challenges that eCommerce businesses face, not just the accounting issues.  And was it worth it?  Absolutely! We […]

Shopify and Xero – Detailed or Summary Sync?

One of the questions we frequently get from eCommerce clients and bookkeepers is do we need to send over detailed invoice information from Shopify to Xero?  There is no one right answer to this question – it really depends on the size and needs of your eCommerce Business: Send Invoice Detail from Shopify to Xero […]

Neto / Xero Sync Issues – Chat with Neto

Recently we had a chance to catch up with the Neto Head of Accounting Integrations to demonstrate some issue in relation to the Xero / Neto Sync.  Following are the questions and answers from our session.  Please note the date of this chat was April 2019. Q In my view both the detail sync and […]

Shopify / Xero Connector by A2X

A2X has just launched a new add on that connects Shopify to Xero.  Following the immensely popular Amazon to Xero add on solution, this connector allows Shopify merchants to sync over a single sale, batched by payment method to Xero each day. For payments powered by Shopify, the sale will green match in Xero and […]

Xero Sync – from Trade Gecko or Shopify?

Our favourite tech stack for small eCommerce business right now is Xero | Trade Gecko | Shopify.  It is affordable, simple and relatively easy to set up. Why would you need to use Trade Gecko if you have Shopify set up with Xero?  The main reason is to manage your inventory.  Trade Gecko will give […]

How to Map Shopify Payment Gateways to Trade Gecko

Recently we had a bit of trouble working out how to map various payment gateways from Shopify to Trade Gecko.  The main ones – Shopify payments powered by Stripe, and PayPal mapped automatically but we were having trouble with an eBay plugin to Shopify which accepted PayPal as payment. So, in summary we had three […]

How does the Xero / Shopify Sync by Bold Apps Work?

You are using, or considering using Xero and Shopify to power your eCommerce shop. Here is some information that you should consider to decide if the Xero/Shopify sync will work for you: There is no option to sync batched invoices, or batched by payment method.  So this sync will work well if you have about […]

How to set up NZ GST in AUD Xero File

You are an Australian company that is registered for both Australian and New Zealand GST.  You use Xero.  You are required to make a lodgement in both countries, and must track GST in your Xero file.  Is it possible to do this? Xero has not been designed to track GST in multiple countries, however following […]