Accountant or Bookkeeper – You Decide …

What a week!  So many social media posts, blogs and articles about the relationship between bookkeepers and accountants.  Which begs the question – what is the difference anyway? And that, in my mind, is part of the problem at the moment.  Many bookkeepers are qualified accountants, and many accountants are providing bookkeeping services.  This blurs […]

Bookies … how do you pick the right accountant for you?

Well bookies, what an interesting article that was published yesterday in relation to how accountants should choose bookkeepers to collaborate with … But the more important question is … what type of accountants should bookkeepers refer to? All of us in the accounting industry that are switched on to our client’s needs knows that the most […]

#XeroCon | Ready for a few accounting jokes?

When we think about a ‘traditional’ accountant, certain personality characteristics come to mind.  There is no question that in the past, accountants have been characterized in certain ways.  I think this has been reinforced by the way accountants in particular have reacted to the Xero phenomenon, versus the other participant groups attending #XeroCon – the […]

Grumpy with Accountants

From time to time, I get really grumpy with other accountants my clients work with.  I had TWO such experiences today on MYOB consultations: The first client is a small consultant.  She sends her MYOB file off each quarter to have the BAS reviewed and lodged.  On her debtors list, were three amounts “owing” to […]

Five questions to ask yourself when choosing an Accountant …

  1.  Does my Accountant hold a recognized accounting designation? Yes! The director of CloudCounting, Tracey Newman, is a Chartered Accountant with over twenty years of experience. 2.  Does my Accountant understand and support the accounting software I am using? Yes! The staff at CloudCounting hold qualifications as MYOB Certified Consultants and Xero Certified Advisors. 3.  Is […]