Xero HealthKit Sync – How does this work?

The HealthKit / Xero sync is very impressive. HealthKit is a front end solution used by Allied Health professionals such as psychologists and occupational therapists.  It is a no cost solution where the fees are paid when auto payments are set up within the app. It is possible to sync Xero with HealthKit, following are […]

How does the Xero / Shopify Sync by Bold Apps Work?

You are using, or considering using Xero and Shopify to power your eCommerce shop. Here is some information that you should consider to decide if the Xero/Shopify sync will work for you: There is no option to sync batched invoices, or batched by payment method.  So this sync will work well if you have about […]

How to process a Redundancy/ETP in Xero

Xero has come a long way over the last few years, and now offers the ability to process a redundancy pay in Xero and/or a redundancy with an ETP. Here is a worked example: Kate has worked for XYZ Pty Ltd for just over one year.  Kate is made redundant and this is considered a […]

How to set up NZ GST in AUD Xero File

You are an Australian company that is registered for both Australian and New Zealand GST.  You use Xero.  You are required to make a lodgement in both countries, and must track GST in your Xero file.  Is it possible to do this? Xero has not been designed to track GST in multiple countries, however following […]

Neto releases Amazon integration – read more here!

Yesterday Neto hosted a training day for ecommerce consultants to learn more about their Amazon integration.  It was a great day and we learned so much about the challenge of designing an integration for one of the biggest shopping channels on earth! Neto is a one stop shop for ecommerce retailers and wholesalers.  You can […]

Xero and Single Touch Payroll – how will it work?

Effective 1 July 2018 all Australian employers considered a large employer (those with more than 20 active employees as at 31 March) are required to enrol in the Single Touch Payroll system (STP). If your business is a Xero user, here is the information you need to know: Xero has applied for a blanket deferral […]

Does your tax agent understand your front end solution? Nookal / Mind Body / HealthKit / Cliniko and Xero

Over the last few months we have had a lot of interaction with Allied Health businesses.  We have worked with physiotherapists, remedial therapists, chiropractors and psychologists.  We have done a deep dive to better understand the sync of data between Nookal, Mind Body, Health Kit, Cliniko and Xero.  All of these businesses came to see […]

To GST or not to GST

Do you have questions on what attracts GST and what does not? Every BAS quarter, we do a thorough review of our clients’ bookkeeping entries, to ensure we have accurately claimed GST correctly on all revenue and expenses.  With laws changing frequently and in particular the introduction of the “Netflix” tax, it can be confusing […]

Xero Foreign Currency Supplier Invoices and how to record Deposits Paid to Overseas Suppliers

Xero works beautifully with foreign currency, but you will need some training to learn how to use this feature in Xero. We work with new ecommerce businesses on a weekly basis.  During the set up stage, many of our ecommerce businesses make their first purchases overseas and import product into Australia.  This video covers how […]