To GST or not to GST

Do you have questions on what attracts GST and what does not? Every BAS quarter, we do a thorough review of our clients’ bookkeeping entries, to ensure we have accurately claimed GST correctly on all revenue and expenses.  With laws changing frequently and in particular the introduction of the “Netflix” tax, it can be confusing […]

Xero Foreign Currency Supplier Invoices and how to record Deposits Paid to Overseas Suppliers

Xero works beautifully with foreign currency, but you will need some training to learn how to use this feature in Xero. We work with new ecommerce businesses on a weekly basis.  During the set up stage, many of our ecommerce businesses make their first purchases overseas and import product into Australia.  This video covers how […]

Nookal / Xero Sync is Perfect!

Recently we have worked with a local physio who is using an add on solution called Nookal.  Nookal is a practice management software tool, 100% cloud based for health and wellness practitioners.  It can manage multi location and works seamlessly with Hicaps. Our physio had turned on the detail invoice and payment sync.  This means […]

XeroCon Photo Bingo

Here at CloudCounting we like to have a bit of fun … and over the years we have played a game called Xero Bingo. It all started with this photo a few years ago … a certain team member of ours (who will not be named) has had a crush on an unamed ex MD […]

Neto and Xero

Neto is a Brisbane based e-commerce SAAS product that has most recently combined the shopping cart and perpetual inventory management solution into one platform. Neto is a great choice for a Australian based business as it provides a full featured system with all sorts of plug and play functionality.  It provides an auto sync to […]

How to add lump sum amounts in Xero PAYG summaries

If you need to enter a lump sum into a Xero PAYG summary, read on for instructions here … From time to time you will need to report a lump sum in a Xero payment summary.  Most commonly this will be because you have processed a genuine redundancy for an ex employee.  For more information […]

Accountant or Bookkeeper – You Decide …

What a week!  So many social media posts, blogs and articles about the relationship between bookkeepers and accountants.  Which begs the question – what is the difference anyway? And that, in my mind, is part of the problem at the moment.  Many bookkeepers are qualified accountants, and many accountants are providing bookkeeping services.  This blurs […]