MYOB V2013.4 – How is the speed?

We are pleased to say much, much better!  Payroll is now 10x faster, and enter purchase got a great speed boost in v2013.3. We were out on a consult yesterday for a fairly large organization trying to decide between MYOB Premier (still on classic only) and MYOB AccountRight Live Plus.  We would highly recommend that […]

Xero or MYOB? Which product should I choose?

The million dollar question … here are a few questions to ask yourself about which product may suit your business best: 1. Do I need my accounting software when I do not have an internet connection? Obviously this will be more of an issue in regional areas or black spot areas. Are you a mum […]

Bank Feeds – what are they?

Both MYOB AccountRight and Xero use the concept of bank feeds. This involves getting a form signed and submitted to your bank (or banks). After a week or two, bank feeds will arrive on a nightly basis and upload automatically into your accounting software. They will sit there “unreconciled” until you match them with (a) […]

Demo Companies – a great idea!

Did you know that both MYOB and Xero have demo companies that you can explore and experiment with? All MYOB versions come with a sample company called “Clearwater” where you can play around to your heart’s content! And Xero has a demo company that is kept up to date with live data (and it refreshes […]