MYOB RoadShow – an Update

This week Moana and I got to attend this year’s MYOB Roadshow in Brisbane.  Goodness, what a lot of new and improved features are on the way.  I think I’m ready to take my client base forward to version 2013.5 (soon to be v2014.1).  The speed issue seems to be largely addressed, although it will […]

Our Visit to Nauru

Moana and I spent last week in Nauru consulting to a local government organization.  Above is a picture of Moana and I with the local clerks at the office.  The government department uses MYOB, as do most businesses and government offices in Nauru.  What an interesting engagement!  The first thing I learned is that Nauru […]

Off to Nauru!

Next week Moana and I are off to Nauru to consult with a government based organization there.  This corporation uses MYOB and struggles to find good local help with specialized skills.  We are really looking forward to this overseas engagement!  I’ll write more when we get back about the assignment and what issues we discovered […]

Grumpy with Accountants

From time to time, I get really grumpy with other accountants my clients work with.  I had TWO such experiences today on MYOB consultations: The first client is a small consultant.  She sends her MYOB file off each quarter to have the BAS reviewed and lodged.  On her debtors list, were three amounts “owing” to […]

Foreign Currency

Both Xero and MYOB offer foreign currency options on certain subscription levels.  The area is very complex, and requires proper setup and month end procedures.  Most of the complexity relates to the fact that exchange rates change every day, which create unrealized gains and losses.  If you have bank accounts held in other currencies, sell […]


Inventory is one of the most complex areas in your cloud accounting software.  At present, Xero does not offer a perpetual inventory system.  That is, it is not possible to get a “quantity on hand”.  Xero allows you to itemize your invoices by inventory item, but you need a add on solution to get the […]

Five questions to ask yourself when choosing an Accountant …

  1.  Does my Accountant hold a recognized accounting designation? Yes! The director of CloudCounting, Tracey Newman, is a Chartered Accountant with over twenty years of experience. 2.  Does my Accountant understand and support the accounting software I am using? Yes! The staff at CloudCounting hold qualifications as MYOB Certified Consultants and Xero Certified Advisors. 3.  Is […]

MYOB V2013.4 – How is the speed?

We are pleased to say much, much better!  Payroll is now 10x faster, and enter purchase got a great speed boost in v2013.3. We were out on a consult yesterday for a fairly large organization trying to decide between MYOB Premier (still on classic only) and MYOB AccountRight Live Plus.  We would highly recommend that […]