Our Why



You know the famous saying … Its not the what, its the WHY

CloudCounting was established because Tracey, working as a Chartered Accountant and Xero expert here in Brisbane, found time and time again that “traditional” accountants were not servicing their client base properly. Accountants would take days or weeks to return emails and phone calls.  The accountant did not update the Xero file to agree with the end of year financial statements and there was little, if no communication about the year end process.  Many accounting firms don’t understand how to use Xero and are not able to teach their clients how to use this amazing technology.  In the ecommerce space, many accountants are completely out of their depth.  They are not able to support their clients with questions about this specialized area.

Tired of dealing with a “new” junior accountant each year?  Larger firms tend to have a lot of turnover.  All of our staff has been with CloudCounting since the beginning of their careers.  We are proud of this and you can expect to work with the same staff each year.

Tech Savvy Businesses need Technology Experts

We go the extra mile to learn your front end solution – Neto / Shopify / Nookal / Healthkit (insert your solution here)

The year end tax process should not be mystifying … it is important for you as a small business to understand what changes are being made and participate in the decision making process.

CloudCounting will work with you to prepare your BAS, Taxation returns and year end compliance returns. We explain the reason for each year end journal entry and help you record them into your accounting system.

We believe in the ‘single source of truth’.  We use Xero for day to day accounting, we use Xero for BAS lodgement and we use Xero for year end and financial statement preparation.  There is no need to transfer data to other ledgers.  We also use Xero to run our practice management system.

We Really Do Return Calls & Emails … The Same Day!

We take pride in ourselves by returning calls or emails the same day.  We know how important that is to you.

We are your partners in business, to help you understand your results in real time and to provide great value.  And that means prompt service.

We Work With You In Real Time

One of the best things about working with Xero is that we can collaborate with you in real time.

We can:

  • be working with the same set of data to prepare your year end or
  • answer a question by looking at your real time data – you can show us what the problem is.