My Neto sync is out of control – I have thousands of unreconciled paid invoices!

Recently we worked with a very successful client who is using Neto.  The Neto/Xero sync was set up one year ago.  The client had chosen to sync every 6 hours one batched invoice, with batched payment methods.  As it was impossible to match individual Paypal and other deposits with this batched invoice, the client coded all bank deposits to a clearing account.

neto1The result?  Over 1,000 unreconciled payments in various bank accounts for the last financial year.  An accountant that had no idea how to help.  The client and the accountant considered starting a fresh Xero file and coding the entire year over again.

Thankfully, the client was put in touch with ourselves and we proposed another solution:

  1.  Delete out all unreconciled payments (easy enough to do in Xero)
  2.  Delete out all unpaid invoices from Xero – not so easy to do, but can be automated with a bit of programming help from  us
  3. Entering summarized reports from Neto for monthly sales, broken down by tax type
  4. Closing the clearing account to these monthly sales and resolving any balance

Because this client can process up to 100 sales in a day, we have completely turned off the Neto sync.  We will teach this client how to enter daily sales, batched by payment method and match each day to Xero’s bank deposits.

Hurrah!  A win for the client – so if you have 100’s or 1000’s of unreconciled lines in your Xero file, as a result of an incorrect sync set up with an add on solution – get in touch – we will be able to help.

Cheers – The team from CloudCounting