Xero Road ShowChances are:

  1. You use, or would like to use Xero as your accounting system
  2. You are frustrated with the large fees you are currently paying your accountant
  3. Your accountant cannot or is not interested in teaching you how to use Xero.
  4. You want better service from your accounting partner – return calls and emails on the same day.

Trust me, we understand.  We meet new clients every week that want more from their accountant.  Why can’t you be 100% cloud?  Why is it necessary to pay over $300 an hour for your accountant?  The fees should be reasonable so you can pick up the phone and call at any time.  That’s the whole reason for having an accountant, right?

We get that here at CloudCounting.  The director, Tracey, used to charge those same very large fees working at a Big 5 accounting firm.  So you are in good hands.  Now, we are a team of multi-tasking Gold Partner Xero heroes that love working in the Brisbane suburbs, teaching you how to bookkeep, and having flexibility in our lives.

We live in a gorgeous Queenslander where you will feel instantly comfortable, no Ivory Towers in the city for us.  There is lots of parking and we are easy to find.  You can have a coffee and feel that you are in a comfortable, nurturing environment.  We don’t put on airs, we don’t talk in fancy language you do not understand.  We don’t dress up.  We are real people, we all have school aged children, who understand the challenges of working in a small business.  We do it ourselves every day.

And of course, we keep current.  We Facebook, Tweet, and attend every Xero professional development event we can.  We are extremely well networked with our Brisbane Xero community, and can recommend subject matter experts for any of your Xero or add on related needs.

Come and have a chat with us and we promise, you won’t look back.  We want to be your partner in your future growth.